E. Brandon Robinson

Brandon is the co-founder and CEO of Horizon Aircraft, an agile aerospace OEM that is building a unique hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft. Involved in all aspects of leading Horizon Aircraft, Brandon and his team have successfully raised close to $10M in funding, won a prestigious US Department of Defence R&D competition, and are now flight testing a 50%-scale prototype of their innovative new aircraft.

Prior to the launch of Horizon Aircraft, Brandon flew CF-18s in the Royal Canadian Air Force for nearly 20 years and had the distinction of graduating from the Canadian Top Gun training school. In the final years of his military career Brandon was entrusted with managing capital projects up to $4B, was involved in the acquisition of the F-35, and helped design the strategic plan to extend the functional life of the CF-18.

Brandon has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Royal Military College, an MBA from Royal Roads University, has co-authored several successful aerospace patents, and holds an Airline Transport Pilots Licence. His deep operational experience alongside a passion for technical innovation has propelled Horizon Aircraft to the forefront of the Advanced Air Mobility movement.